4 Wheel Laser Alignment

4×4 Rolling Road and 4 Wheel Laser Alignment
4-wheel drive Rolling road able to handle 1600BHP!!!!
Digital Power graphing.
Able to log readings for additional sensors
Database that stores all power runs
100MPH fan with additonal secondary fan.
Wideband lambda readings can be obtained
Knock monitoring is also available
Cost is £45inc Vat for power run.
Includes two power runs in succession + print out of BHP and torque readings
Rolling road labour time – £70.50/hour This is our hourly rate that we charge for diagnostic checks that can only be done using the rolling road. We also offer the service to the public that want to try various setups on their car ie different boost levels, fuel pressure, nitrous jets, induction kits etc… Advice is always on hand. We control the rollers, you control what we do. This is proving very popular and is charged at the hourly rate.

Japanese WRX/Sti’s come into the country with too high a degree of ignition advance. This is necessary to be altered for safe everyday driving. We can offer various upgrades to cure this and give the added benefit of more power and better driveability.

This upgrade is based on a completely standard car with no difference in exhaust system or induction system. Ignition timing is corrected for UK fuel and boost pressure is raised to allow more power and torque to be put through the drivetrain. Power is raised approximately 30BHP -35BHP in the mid range and is substantially better right up to the redline. Torque is also raised by minimum 30lbsft and gives much faster spool up than the standard map. A totally different car to drive

We simply send you an ECU* on an exchange basis that you swap over with your existing ECU, switch on and you have your correct timing, fuel and power increase. What could be simpler than that?

*This is dependant on our stock level of Japanese ECU’s. In the event of us having no stock we require you to send us your ECU, we will then program this and send it out the same day as we recieve it.

4 Wheel Laser Alignment
Full 4-wheel laser alignment is available with digital camber and castor readings to ensure the best handling out of your vehicle. Accurate to less than 0.1mm we ensure the most accurate readings are obtained. We can also set the suspension to your specific requirements. Cost is £47 for check and minor adjustments. Major adjustments are £47/hour.