Cavalier and Calibra Turbo – Power Upgrades

EVO 1 – (235 BHP) £139
Mild upgrade to the standard C20LET Engine. Involves two pre-programmed EPROM chips raising over-boost pressure to 1.1bar (16psi) and maintaining a constant boost pressure of 0.8 bar (12psi). The Rev Limit is raised to 7200rpm

EVO 2 -(245 BHP) £159
This kit is basically the same as the EVO 1 with slightly more over-boost (1.2 bar/17.5Psi) and a constant 12.5psi (0.85 bar) giving more torque and high-end power. Rev limit is raised to 7200rpm.

EVO 3 – (260 BHP) £279
Two stage switchable software enabling the user to switch between a standard program map (standard power) and once the switch is activated the power change is immediate. Constant boost pressure is maintained at 0.95 bar (14psi) over-boosting to 1.3 bar. Rev limit 7200 rpm (19psi).

EVO 4 – (280 BHP) £295
This kit must be fitted with our own front mounted intercooler kit*. Switchable software as EVO 3 only with a change in over-boost to 1.4 bar (20.5psi). Rev limit raised to 7200rpm

EVO 5 – (306 BHP) £399
This upgrade takes the standard engine to the maximum. Load pressure is increased to 1.05 bar (16psi) with 1.5 bar (22psi) over-boost pressure. EVO5 uses a 4-stage switch enabling the user to use standard power on stage-1 up to max power on stage-4. To gain max power the inlet camshaft must be changed along with the actuator. This kit must be coupled with a front mounted intercooler also.

EVO 6 – (355 BHP+) £469
This upgrade uses the Intercooler as in EVO4/5 along with a complete engine upgrade (See below) to allow the software to raise boost levels to a constant 1.5bar (22psi). To get the max performance from the engine, this kit needs to be coupled with a 5th injector kit, hybrid turbocharger, enlarged plenum chamber, vernier pulley’s and large bore exhaust system. If you demand more power from your engine after this we have an EVO 7 in-production…