Rolling Road

2WD & 4WD vehicles

Live Tuning Tool

Simulation of road conditions to diagnose particular faults

Tune and Map all managements systems. see Power Upgrades for more information.

Here at Wallace Performance we have installed a Dastek Dynamometer.

Using state-of-the-art hardware and software, Dastek’s Dynamometer allows us to simulate various road and track conditions, without the need for road testing. The necessity for high speed road testing is also eliminated as Dastek’s Dynamometer allows us to capture accurate technical data such as power outputs, engine torque, boost pressure and air:fuel ratio, in the safety of our own facility.

The Dastek’s Dynamometer also allows us to quickly identify engine faults, optimise control systems and accurately compare vehicle specs and modifications.

For performance tuning with levels of unsurpassed accuracy, repeatability and sensitivity look no further then our Dastek Dynamometer.